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Food supplements for the radiance and beauty of the skin


Many of us have skin problems: dry, oily skin, imperfections, acne or the marks of time, little hassles that we would do well without. Also, after a hard blow, weight loss or illness, the skin can be weakened or scarred. Sure, she’s programmed to regenerate on her own, but that takes a long time.

The first instinct is to use cosmetic products, but they are not always enough to solve skin problems. Indeed, it is not necessary to act only from the outside, but also from the inside. Diet plays an important role in having beautiful skin, and certain dietary supplements can help you.

Problem with the liver, the kidneys, at the level of immunity or hormones, almost all the diseases of our organs have symptoms at the level of the skin.

Change in color, texture? Appearance of redness, itching or growths appear? Something is wrong inside! Your skin tries to warn you about your state of health. And better listen to it.

In addition, some bad habits are harmful to the health of your skin . For example, if you neglect to drink enough water, your skin will tend to dry out. If you don’t get enough sleep, your complexion will look dull and you will look more wrinkled and dark circles. Also, excessive exposure to the sun leads to the appearance of premature spots and wrinkles.

The impact of food on the skin no longer needs to be demonstrated. A poor diet can have consequences on the appearance of the skin, such as acne. Nutritional deficiencies also have a significant impact. Certain foods are sometimes to be avoided or prohibited in certain cases: sweets, caffeine, alcohol, cold meats, red meat, gluten, etc.

The skin, the first immune barrier

The skin is an organ in its own right, which occupies approximately 2 m² of surface area, and which represents 15% of your body weight. Like armor, it is a real physical barrier that covers the surface of the body and prevents bacteria, viruses and certain parasites from entering you.

Just like the intestinal flora that helps you stay healthy, the cutaneous flora (harmless bacteria, fungi and mites), on the surface, acts as a barrier to infections and helps maintain healthy skin. Fluids and other secretions from the sweat glands, which produce sweat on the surface of the skin, also help you fight off pathogens. Even hair retains germs before they enter the body!

The  skin and the mucous membrane constitute a natural barrier, a veritable “surrounding wall”, and the body’s first level of defence. That’s why you have to take care of it.

Food supplement for the health of your skin: glycine

Among the food supplements for the beauty of the skin, we find glycine. It is a non-essential amino acid, that is, it can be synthesized by the body. However, there are few in our current diet, a food supplement based on  glycine can be considered.

It is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, the main protein present in the dermis. It is in a way the “skeleton” of your skin. It is he who gives firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Unfortunately with age, we produce less and less collagen; the skin becomes thinner, saggy and wrinkled. Taking glycine as a supplement will help stimulate collagen production.

Some research around glycine has caused a stir: “The anti-aging amino acid”; “Restore radiance to your skin with this dietary supplement”; “To stay young, take glycine!” » ; “How can glycine delay aging? » ; “This nutrient rejuvenates the skin and arteries.”

Indeed, studies show the great interest of this amino acid for its effects on the skin. But as you can see, glycine could well be an ally against aging.

Nutripure offers you a food supplement called Pure Glycine , a glycine selected for its quality and purity, GMO-free, with a slightly sweet taste and without sweetener.

Food supplement against acne: nettle powder

Do you have pimples on your face, forehead and chin? It can become complex over time, especially with severe acne. Acne can appear at any age, both in adults and teenagers. This is not necessarily a sign of entering puberty…

There are natural and effective remedies to reduce or even eliminate your acne pimples . Nettle, and more specifically its leaves and roots, is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

This plant with purifying action purifies the skin and rids you of toxins. Traditionally used to curb the secretion of sebum in case of oily skin, it will help you to effectively treat acne and skin imperfections.

Nutripure offers you Pure Nettle , 150g of organic nettle leaf powder, 100% pure, non-stinging. To be used at the table, in your salads, smoothies or soups, as an infusion, or incorporated into a face mask with clay.

Borage oil, food supplement for the hydration of sensitive skin

A true ally for dry skin, borage oil is one of the oils used for its protective and restorative properties. It naturally contributes to the hydration, elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

Borage oil soothes and relieves fragile, often irritated skin. Its success comes from the fact that it delays skin aging and reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the face. This oil restores radiance to your skin. It is also found in the composition of many products against aging and for facial care.

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