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Testosterone Deficiency and a Unique Solution to Recoup Its Balance: Alabama Men’s Clinic


Testosterone deficiency in males is primarily associated with their aging and may manifest with certain symptoms such as loss of sex drive (libido), ED, depression, fatigue, poor cognitive ability, osteoporosis, weight gain especially in the abdomen, and difficulty sleeping among others. All such symptoms tend to take a major toll on their quality of life. For those who are living their life with such experiences, struggling with one or more problems and wildly looking for a solution – stop worrying. By changing their lifestyle integrated with testosterone replacement (TRT) in clinics like Alabama Men’s Clinic, they can get back the balance of deficient T levels and thereby the symptoms that make their life devastating.

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?  

Testosterone replacement therapy is an innovative medical solution that aims to recoup the balance of testosterone in males with low testosterone levels or having symptoms of hypogonadism. The therapeutic way has been established to help minimize cholesterol and increase libido, memorization ability, energy, and stamina that they loss due to lack of testosterone.

How to Get TRT?

On consulting a doctor in the above medical facilities and sharing the concerns experienced, they undergo a blood test typically in the morning to evaluate if the person has testosterone deficiency. That means a lower amount of testosterone than what it should be or its natural level. If so, they recommend testosterone replacement therapy.

Types of Testosterone TRT

There are several options to administer testosterone according to Alabama Men’s Clinic:

Injectable: Injectable is the most popular form of TRT while it is cost-effective too. A person with low T need to take one shot every 7 or 15 days for faster result while a dosage of 2 shots in 4 weeks is meant for long-acting treatment. The frequency and dosage are determined by physicians depending on various factors of the person.

Topical: The testosterone booster cream or gel form needs to be applied regularly. People who go for topical solutions need to ensure complete absorption of the cream on the skin. Also, they must avoid skin-on-skin contact with any other person for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours after it is applied especially to prevent children and pregnant women from transfer of the medication which can be dangerous for them.

Buccal patches: A buccal patch is meant to be applied to the upper teeth. A person needs to apply it two times a day at 12 hours intervals. Generally, the patch is releasing testosterone over twelve hours.

Testosterone pellets: Testosterone pellets come in smaller plastic forms pellets that physicians implant within the skin. It gets dissolved gradually to deliver testosterone. The dose varies among persons. It involves a small surgical session as the doctor incises any fatty tissue to insert and implant the pellets.

Oral testosterone: Oral testosterone is fairly expensive. Moreover, it can cause liver damage. This is why it has less demand.

Intranasal: This is a nasal testosterone gel that should be applied inside the nose three times every day at intervals of 6 to 8 hours.

Who Can Go for TRT?

Men with Low Testosterone

Low T levels can lead to weight gain, fatigue, low libido, etc. Low T can be caused due to age apart from the use of medication, over-stress, or injury of testicles or their infection. Other than age, young adults who are victims of low T, due to genetic causes or infection of the testicles are the right candidate for TRT

Men with Andropause

Males under their andropause phase experience low energy, mood swings, low libido, and ED, etc. can attain the benefits of TRT.

Anyone with a Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances are experienced by both men and women at any age especially as they become older. TRT which is a part of hormone optimization therapy is the best choice for them to get back the balance of hormones.

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