foil a drug test

How to foil a drug test


What should i do in case of a drug testing?

Most drug tests take place before employment begins. This is why you should be prepared to stop your drug use long before you start. Most employees in the “drug-free” workplace also know that they will be subject to pre-scheduled testing. Despite the fact that these companies tend to threaten to do surprise and immediate testing instead, they don’t (unless you’re employed in the transportation industry) because most of them will send you to a specialized institution.

Commercial testing labs and certified agents look for all “illegal” drugs, including amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), opiates and of course natural and synthetic cannabinoids.

If you are taking a prescription drug (other than medical marijuana), you will also need to take that prescription to the facility who will perform the tests to prove you are legitimately licensed to use any drugs that may appear. Employers are not allowed not to hire (or fire) you if you take Adderrall for Attention Deficit Disorder (for example), which would be present in your urine and would be detected as of methamphetamine. People taking Dronabinol legitimately will also need a doctor’s prescription for the same reasons, Dronabinol is not detected in the same way as cannabis. Moreover in 2010 it was classified as a category III drug.

Most drug tests are done on urine, rather than hair, blood or saliva.

However, if you use marijuana (even medical) and quitting isn’t an option, or you’ve ingested another type of drug, which won’t go away before the tests, there are a few tactics that work that will help you. will allow you to pass them with flying colors. Methods for testing negative include everything from drug addiction to using fake urine. No matter what you choose, you should always be prepared and practice.

The only thing you should NEVER do is add a household product to your urine sample, such as bleach or detergent. You will get caught automatically.

Using synthetic urine

The most foolproof way for a urine test is to not use your own. This means getting a real, clean urine sample from someone else you know or using fake urine . Synthetic Urine Clean urin . As long as you are giving urine or a liquid with the same chemical composition of urine and which is warm (body temperature), you are in truth giving the same liquid that labs use to calibrate their systems. The best synthetic urine kits also come with a built-in powder to heat the substance automatically.

Other kits come with heating pads and test strips. Some users just heat their samples in the microwave for 10 seconds and then place them close to the body, under clothing, in a warm place (like in a bra or under the armpit).

Obviously, using and passing fake urine takes practice. And while many testing facilities won’t watch you prepare the sample, some do. In this case, you can also find products (like fake penises that will pass urine) to help you.

That said, if that level of deception is necessary, it’s best to really think about whether you really want that job in the first place, not to mention the stress and expense of maintaining the illusion.


The best way to not test positive for drugs is to cleanse your system of the metabolite of the drug in question. This literally means purging your system in the event of a test. Some people rely on water or herbal teas, although this takes time to work. You should therefore avoid screening tests in the morning because all the metabolites present in your system will be much more detectable. You should also exercise as much as you can and eat a healthy diet before the test.

Drug TestThose who haven’t had time to prepare rely on available detox draining drinks (available online) which work faster – sometimes as fast as an hour. Some people claim to have successfully used these types of drinks before returning a urine sample. Once again, this is not a method to use without testing it thoroughly beforehand. Some detox drinks do not only act on the urine, but also have effects on the blood. You can also buy shampoos online or in dedicated stores to rid the hair of drug metabolites. When using any “detox” method, especially professionally, you should also purchase test kits  to see if it is working properly.

New tests

Sometimes even the biggest detox efforts fail – especially if your urine isn’t concentrated enough, because you’ve diluted it so much that testers become suspicious. In this case, you can ask for a second analysis, but there you can be sure that the conditions will be stricter. Under no circumstances should you use any illegal substance during this transitional period between the first and second analysis. Just keep up your detox efforts.

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