teeth of children

The teeth of children from 0 to 6 years old


How to take care of small quenottes from children?

  • Here are some of your questions, which I will answer by making a general point on the matter.
  • Children up to about 6 years old have a dentition composed of 20 milk teeth: 8 incisors, 4 canines and 8 molars.
  • They begin to fall around the age of 6 (it may be earlier).
  • The first teeth are important because they allow the construction of the oral cavity, and play an important role in the comfort of speech.

Around two years old, the first teeth are complete.

From birth, or from 4 months, babies are entitled to their daily drops of vitamin D and fluoride (Zymaduo 150, Zymaduo 300 and Fluosterol). This daily intake of fluorine stimulates the enamel and strengthens its resistance to acid attacks, which cause cavities.

When to start brushing teeth?

As soon as there are!! But rather in the form of a game so that baby learns about the toothbrush and does like mom and dad! Brushing his teeth in front of him by exaggerating the gestures is a good way of learning. Nursery rhyme, everything is good to make it a playful moment.

It is between 18 months and 2 years (once the first teeth are complete) that the first toothpaste will be used. This toothpaste will be age-appropriate with a low fluoride content (500 ppm fluoride). Don’t worry if baby swallows the toothpaste, that’s for sure! On the other hand, the arrival of fluoridated toothpaste must correspond to the discontinuation of drops containing fluoride and vitamin D (Zymaduo 150, Zymaduo 300 and Fluosterol) that baby has been taking since birth. Indeed, only one fluoride intake should be made in order to avoid dental fluorosis.

Tooth brushing, children and adults alike!

The brushing of teeth must indeed be twice daily as for adults.

Do not ignore any area, and renew the toothbrush every two months, or before if he plays a little too much with it!

And the dentist in all this?

The first visits to the dentist are made around the age of three. This makes it possible to take stock of the oral level, but above all to accustom the child to seeing a dentist.

The first oral check-up covered by social security via the MTdents program is done at the age of 6 years. If care is needed, it can go wrong if the child is not used to the dentist.

Some dentists are specialized in pediatrics, do not hesitate to ask before making an appointment.

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